When it comes to getting a mechanic’s lien, it’s important to trust professionals who know what they are doing. That’s why we urge you to visit us at Roadside Assistance of Orlando. We can’t wait to help you with your needs! If you have any questions about mechanic’s liens, we hope that we have answered them below. Read on to learn more about the law behind mechanic’s liens and their purpose.

Mechanic’s Liens Overview

Even though they are called “mechanic’s liens,” they are actually used more by subcontractors and suppliers as a legal claim against any property that has been remodeled or improved. For example, if you hire a contractor to build you a new shower, but the contractor did not pay the supplier, then a lien can be placed against your home to get the money. However, for homeowners, this can be troublesome – even if they have paid the contractor for the shower materials, they could still come after the homeowner for the money owed.

Why are mechanic’s liens allowed?

It may seem odd that homeowners would have to foot the bill for a shady contractor, but the supplier’s need to get paid is greater than the homeowner’s need for their brand new shower. The law assumes that the homeowner can also sue the contractor for the money needed, but this can take a greater amount of time than they have to pay.

How Mechanic’s Liens Work

In order for someone to get a mechanic’s lien, they need the supplier to do the following:

  • The supplier must give notice to the homeowner what is being provided within 20-30 or so of the contribution.
  • If the supplier is not paid, they need to file a “claim of mechanic’s lien” in the county where the worked-on property is located.
  • The supplier has anywhere from two to six months to work out a solution with the property owner. If a solution cannot be reached, they can file a lawsuit.

If the supplier does not file the lawsuit within this time frame, then typically there is no further effect for the homeowner. However, the homeowner will need to get a court order to clear the lien off the property.

Protecting You

For those of you who are suppliers and hope to avoid being cheated out of your pay by subcontractors, a mechanic’s lien may be the perfect choice for you. These liens get the attention of both the lenders and the owners of the home who want to ensure that they don’t lose any money on the property. They can also set a firm deadline for when you need to get paid by, which ensures that you can take care of all of your personal needs and not wait on others to pay you in a timely manner.

Mechanic’s Liens for You

If you are in need of a mechanic’s lien to secure your assets and work, then be sure to contact Roadside Assistance of Orlando. With over 35 years of lien services, we can’t wait to help you protect everything you need to. Save time and money when you choose our professionals!